Laurentiu Pricop

ASMEA Association Website

The second fully fledged website I've ever made, for an association I volunteer at.

Published: 2021-03-25
Versions and Links
Online: Visit (light theme)(2021-03-25)


I am a volunteer at the ASMEA Association who is tasked with computer-related maintenance. Recently, I've been asked to redesign the association's website and make it live again. I've never done something like this (my website doesn't count since I made it for myself), so I was kind of thrilled to be tasked with this.

The website is static. There's nothing "dynamic" on it except for some JavaScript libraries (carousels or Masonry) and a contact form. But I think it constitutes a good starting point for me :D. It is hosted on an Apache webserver, and uses PHP to maximize code reuse. The design is mine, but I integrated some utility parts from Bootstrap to avoid bothering with boring stuff.