Laurentiu Pricop

orar-discord: Bot for my Faculty's Timetables

As a first year student, I noticed that my faculty's timetable webpage is a fairly simple webpage: small and concise, which immediately screamed in my head "web scraping!!!". I put two and two together and figured I could make a sort of useful discord bot out of this.

Published: 2021-10-05
Versions and Links
GitHub: GitHub

This is a webhook-based Discord "bot" that, every day at 17:00, sends messages in the configured channels with the chosen timetables. The timetables, due to their volatility, are retrieved live, scraped directly from the faculty's website. They are processed and presented in a (more) user-friendly format.


  • Keeps track of odd/even weeks and filters classes accordingly
  • Configurable: sends only the timetables you want to only the channels you want


I just thought it'd be fun to code :)))

More information

For more information please read the README file of the repository. That's the only file I'm constantly updating.