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A recreation of Minesweeper in a console. You know, I do these kind of things. Yeah.

And this is also the first project on the site, yay!!

Published: 2017-07-11
Versions and Links
1.1 (b4): ZIP
1.2 (b5): Changelog / ZIP(2017-07-12)
1.3 (b6): Changelog / ZIP(2017-07-13)
1.4 (b7): Changelog / ZIP(2017-07-14)
1.5 (b8): Changelog / ZIP(2017-07-24)
This is a 8-year old project ported from my old site.
It's already history, and the Young Me who wrote this has grown a lot since then.
Please take everything you read here with a grain of salt (and maybe some humor).

I wanted to make a Minesweeper game for quite some time, but I didn't know how to properly arrange a fixed number of bombs, randomly, on the table. But then, while working on another project, I needed to shuffle a List and I found an extension which does just that. And this gave me an-- sorry, the idea for bomb placement: set first N squares to bombs, and then shuffle the map! And this is what brought the idea a Visual Studio solution.

Because it was my attempt at the game and my project and because I have power over it and because why not, I added some extra things to the gameplay, to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. All of them were added because of my testing (aka playing).


  • Cannot configure the game from a menu, but rather from a file
  • Playable with only the keyboard, not the mouse (yes, I consider this a feature)
  • Displays time after game over
  • Flagging system
  • You are able to specify a seed or a number of bombs (default random and one eighth of total cells, respectively)
  • (as of 1.3) Displays a progress bar that indicates the progress through the map

Specific or non-standard features

  • Displays whole map after game over (I thought why not)
  • Displays all flags placed over bombs, flags placed incorrectly and bombs with no flag in different colors after game over
  • Keeps track on-screen of total bombs and total flags
  • You cannot accidentally trigger a flagged bomb
  • You cannot trigger a bomb on first move
  • You will always uncover an empty square at first move, eliminating the frustration of uncovering a number


  • Best played with font Raster Font, size 12x16 (square-ish), Magnifier set to 200% and a Paint black background (my experience)
  • Everything else you need to know is in the program

Known issues

  • (fixed, 1.4) The seed system doesn't work for some reason and I don't know why..


First version (1.1)

version 1.2 (b5)

version 1.3 (b6)


You may need .NET Framework 4 or higher to run the game. The game language is English.

(available in the Versions card)

Source code

I don't have the source code for this anymore. It got deleted in an accident. lmao

Happy playing!